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In order to better serve our patients, Lakeview Clinic will be seeing all wellness visits throughout the day at our Waconia, Chaska and Watertown sites, and seeing any acute care visits out of our Norwood location. Lakeview Clinic is also continuing to offer telemedicine visits!

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Surgical Mask Making with Dr. Roberts

Our very own Dr. Sandy Roberts has jumped to the task and created an excellent way to recycle sterile surgical wrapping material to create surgical masks! Check out the instructional video, and follow the link in the video description to download the PDF instructions from our website. *Note: These masks are not medically tested, however are much better than no mask at all!*

PDF Instructions CLICK HERE

Material Info Sheet CLICK HERE

How Do I Get Started?

Lakeview Clinic, Ltd. has procured a limited amount of material for distribution to volunteers willing to help local providers in the Carver County area. Here’s how to obtain some and get started!

  • Make sure that you have all of the tools ready to start making masks!
  • Contact
  • Coordinate a time to pick up your mask making materials.
  • When your masks are complete, feel free to drop contact to coordinate your mask drop off!

454 State Hwy 5, Waconia, MN 55387

Thank you in advance for your assistance in providing added safety for our frontline healthcare employees!